We love food

We are food lovers. (Manifesto)

Who are food lovers?

Food lovers are: grannies, food bloggers, busy mommas, bakers and cooks, chocolatiers, home canners, chefs, cheese lovers, gardeners, home brewers, masters of barbeque, butchers, home bread makers, food magazine contributors, travellers and anyone who is truly loving the food and are devoted to get the best of it. 

Anyone who cares about what he or she eats and serves the ones they love.

We can’t stand when the cake smells of onions after a night in the fridge.

If there is no decent lunch place 5 min away from our offices, we will bring our own food.

We have 16 cutting boards for the different products and we don’t care if you think that’s too much.

We bake our bread at home.

And bagels.

We don’t store our cheeses in plastics.

….and the most important…

we love eating fresh.

We are a tiny group of people that initiate change.

Not by yelling, insulting or finger pointing, but simply by being who we are.

By eating the best food we can get our hands on.

By cooking from fresh, locally sourced or home grown ingredients.

By enjoying our meals beautifully served.

Never compromising the quality and taste.

And being very stubborn about it.

A stubborn minority of food lovers. This is us.

We constantly educate ourselves in new flavours, tastes and food-matching.

And we care about the ethics and values of companies we support with our purchases.

We are open to new ideas and new ways, and we tweak what it is supposed to be traditional.

Our kitchens are beautiful and shinning clean, because this is how we treat a sanctuary.

And we love to share food with the ones we care for.

We know it’s not many of us, and we couldn’t care less.

Because there is enough of us to celebrate our weirdness together.

Are you one of us? We are truly happy you landed here.

If you love food - welcome to your little tribe.

Austeja from Cerawrap.com