The Statement of our Principles (so you could know us better)

Hey and welcome to our home on the internets.

It is great you stopped by.

What would the picture  of your kitchen look you really want to?

We are a group of creative makers, who decided it would be great to live and work independently, creating and manufacturing products that create real value to us, to you and the community we live.

We design, manufacture and sell beeswax wraps. They help to keep your food fresh, allow you to consume less plastic in your kitchen, and express yourself in the most creative ways.

We prefer to stay tiny. Why? Because our need to be flexible and creative is greater than the need to make lots of money very fast working yourself to exhaustion. 

We want to have to time for you. This is very important.


From eco friendly human safe inks to eco certified full paper packaging, from the tools we use to manufacture - we are thriving to be consistent in being the best in our niche of making beeswax wraps. sometimes it means we cant do smth (papildyti), but business for us is a form of art, and we love it.

Yet, we dont believe in eco radicalism, and we dont aim to create for eco radicals. In fact, we dont like them. 

We believe in rationality and humanism, creativity, and that those features would help us to live more sustainablly. Not guilt, hysteria or fingerpointing.

in acceptance and unity, not in hysterical finger pointing. We create for people. 

We apprieciate uniqueness, this is why we do custom order of small batches:



We make handmade wraps

Premium quality;

To make our product we use the best materials we can get our hands on. We are not doing that to impress you, but merely because we believe this is how it have to be done.