How to keep your bakery fresh?


Raise your hand if you love baking your own bread! 

Making your own bread is not only in fashion right now, but it's a healthy activity for your mind and soul. Bakery requires skill and patience yet it is highly rewarding. Also, you know what you put in it therefore your stomach is grateful. 

So, what is it better to do on a rainy Sunday morning, huh?

The problem with home made bread is that the crust usually goes hard the next day. Sometimes so hard that your bread is barely fit to eat anymore, even though it's only from the day before! Also, if you are a lazy person like me, you try to optimize your time and make more than one loaf of bread per cooking session. 

And then pray it won't go bad the next day.

But it usually does. 

Anyway, this is the XXI century, my friend, and even though we still can't fully cure cancer or stupidity, there IS a way to keep your home made bread fresh for longer. 

Try beeswax food wraps. They are designed to keep the moisture in your bread. Also, beeswax has bactericidal properties, therefore it keeps away the mould. 

I have just launched MAXI size wraps, they are as big as it's possible to manufacture - 35x45 cm. I sell them on Etsy or Dawanda - try them out and let me know how do they work for you! I am sure you will find them useful and your bread will say THANK YOU - as well as your friends and family.

Austeja Kazlauskyte