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How I created a long lasting reusable beeswax food wrap

How I created a long lasting reusable beeswax food wrap

Winters in Lithuania are harsh, and so was February of 2015, when I spent most of my free time in my warm kitchen, ruining all the pots and stove with sticky beeswax and hard-to-wash oils. My clothes had beeswax stains, and the beeswax smell was everywhere. I was determined.

I wasn't satisfied with the DIY wraps

For quite some time I had been using those simple beeswax wraps I made myself following many DIY videos on Youtube.

And even though they kind of did the job, I was disatisfied with the quality - beeswax peeled off the third day of using, also, it didn't stick properly when put on a bowl. Also, I was a little bit concerned about the cloths I was using - are they safe? I mean, you will be wrapping your FOOD into this wrap, so what about the inks and dyes of the cloth? Do they have to be "food friendly"? Does this category of dyes exist at all?

So, I asked myself - what should people do when they don't like something? 

They improve it!

I worked my ass off 

It took me half a year, I used 25 kinds of cotton fabrics, 3 types of beeswax and many, many, many gums, resins and oils too make ±600 prototypes until I was finally happy with the result. I got really passionate about it. I consulted textile experts to select the best fabric, I read all I could get my hands on about beeswax and its types, textile industry, certifications, eco dyes, inks and dyeing processes, you name it. It was a true obsession. 

Everywhere I went, I used to carry a little prototype of my wrap, in case people would like to try it out and give me feedback. I listened carefully to their opinon and critique they gave me, and kept improving. 

Cerawrap prototypes

The box full of prototypes on the left, and the final product on the right. 

I still keep some of the prototypes to remind me that good things don't happen overnight.

And finally, after many failed attempts, I created a durable, washable, long lasting, fully biodegradable and nice-to-touch beeswax wrap. It keeps bakery, cheese and all kinds of veggies fresh for longer. For those who care about the environment it allows to live a life using less plastic, and for those ladies and gentlemen who want their fridges look nice and tidy - Cerawrap works like a magic wand!


Now, three years later, I own a small manufacture in Kaunas, where I produce my beeswax wraps. I am proud that my company meets high and demanding hygiene and quality requirements of the EU and national institutions.

I started locally and for two years I was selling only to local retailers, participated in faires or eco markets. I tested the product, improved the formula, and now I feel I would love to reach out to bigger audiences. So, I opened an Etsy shop, where you can check my newest wraps

For Cerawrap, I use only clean, food-safe materials: the cotton fabric is GOTS certified. Dyes and inks I use for prints are eco-friendly. Beeswax, oils and resins are organic, pure and 100% natural. 

Interested to know how it goes? Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!

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