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3 practical tips to keep your cheese fresh

3 practical tips to keep your cheese fresh

If you are a cheese lover like me, you probably end up pennyless on Sunday markets. Pennyless, and with way too much cheese for one person to eat. What am I talking about. The amount of Gouda I bought last week, seduced by a cute cheese maker, would be enough to feed the crowd.


If you are not so smart while buying, your could be smart in food storing and save your precious cheese.

Here are three simple rules to help you keep your cheese good for longer. Here we go:

#1 Never use plastic. Never. I mean it. 

And it is not only because plastic is harmful for the environment. Cheeses are basically made of fat and oils, so it can easily absorb plastic flavors. Wanna eat your cheese with chemicals absorbed from plastic wraps? I hardly think so. Also, hard cheeses, wrapped in plastic, tend to dry out faster.

#2 Learn from the cheesemakers

For thousands of years cheesemakers used beeswax to preserve cheese wheels. Though I would not suggest pouring hot beeswax on your little piece of Manchego, beeswax, used smart, could be the best option to store your cheese for longer. Try wrapping it in Cerawrap - it is easy to use and helps your cheese to keep moist and original flavour.

#3 Mark the date

If you have bought several pieces of different cheeses, put on a sticker with a date. Next time you open your fridge to kill the hunger dragon, pick the cheese with the oldest purchase date. Simple yet effective.


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